Specialist Technician (Research Facility)

The role:

Applications are invited for a part-time (50%) Specialist Grade H Technician post in the University of Bristol Veterinary School with funding available until February 2021. You will be working on an exciting multidisciplinary research project in collaboration with the University of California (Davis) evaluating changes in cognitive abilities and skeletal resilience of hens reared in enriched environments.

You will allocate resources, liaise with our University of California partner, organise transport of bone samples, perform radiology, biomechanics and quantitative histology on the samples, collect and collate the data generated, perform statistical analysis of data, and assist with preparing reports. Where necessary, you will organise additional technical staff to perform specific functions as needed.

The research team will be headed by Prof John Tarlton, a senior researcher in the area of bone biology, skeletal health, animal behaviour and welfare. 

You will be expected to have substantive technical experience in the specified area, a good understanding of the principle welfare issues in poultry, previous experience and responsibility for day to day organisation of a research project with a level of independence appropriate to the scale.