Travel Designer - Luxury travel company; Full and Part time roles

The Luminaire is a ground-breaking luxury educational travel company looking to design unique enriching educational experiences for our highly discerning guests.

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We are looking for talented individuals with a breadth of curiosities to join our team and play a pivotal role in designing those experiences.

You: Perhaps you are a science graduate, or passionate about astronomy.

Or you may have studied music, literature or even history of art.

You may be an avid reader; have an enjoyment of music, or you love dance or cinema.

What defines you is that you want to find ways to share that passion with others.

Whatever you have interest in, you want to discover new sights, learn about new subjects, and share those discoveries with others.

You see art in everything, from opera to hip hop, from renaissance to graffiti; Art is about creativity.

Whatever you love, you share our values of ceaseless curiosity and intellectual inclusivity.

The idea of innovating and combining subjects and different disciplines excites you; whether it is understanding the history of Venice through the lens of literature or art; or the anthropological development of man through the lens of music, it will be down to you to imagine these never-before created experiences, find charismatic experts to lead them, and work with our experienced travel operators to turn these creative inspirations into real trips.

You share our values: Intellectual inclusivity We believe that to be curious is to be open.

Open to learn, uncover and improve.

We offer a warm welcome to those looking for a more meaningful and reflective experience and for those who wish to learn something incredible as one.

We are defined by our diversity of knowledge, passions, backgrounds, and people.

Ceaseless Curiosity We take our guests to places they have never been before and help them make thrilling discoveries they could never have otherwise found.

We’re pioneers, always seeking paths that have never been trodden to people and places that no-one else has reached always in pursuit of knowledge and meaning.

Preservation Through deeper understanding of the wonders of the world, we naturally cultivate a yearning to protect them.

Everything we do is designed to heighten that instinct of conservation – and to keep all that’s magical about the places we share completely intact.

Illumination We believe in sharing the wonders of the world with those who are most curious to learn.

We don’t travel just to see, but to learn, understand and become transformed by the experience of uncovering something new.

The Role:
- Creating inspirations and ideas for new experiences; selecting locations, themes, and angles of curiosity and pairing them with expert hosts
- Selecting suitable ‘Luminaire Hosts’, and on boarding them, co-designing and ideating enriching travel experiences
- Working with sales and product team lead to develop inspirations into marketable and costed travel product with accommodation, flights and other assets
- Creating ‘wow’ moments that define the Luminaire’s brand
- Designing trips and experiences that meet the requirement of a partner brand – eg a School or corporate partner Each private experience is led by our Guild of experts who are united by a desire to stimulate curiosity and pique the inquisitive mind.

We passionately believe that understanding the world through a new lens has the power to positively transform our guests' perspectives.

Each experience is as individual as those they are created for and carefully crafted to protect the world for future generations, and inspiring others to do the same The company is led and founded by a seasoned team of executives, with backing from a US investment fund.

We can provide a great working culture and benefits · Competitive salary and bonus scheme · The Luminaire offers a suite a of non-contractual benefits, including: · Employer contribution to your pension of 5 per cent.

of your annual salary, in addition to the minimum statutory employer contribution.

· Market-leading private health insurance cover · Life assurance cover at salary multiple · A substantial personal learning and development budget · Weekly subsidised lunches · A cycle-to-work scheme · A number of corporate subscriptions and memberships to cultural institutions.

· 25 days holiday a year · 50% off Puregym membership & other discounts on memberships at British Military Fitness; Nuffield health; Better Gym; Freedom leisure Office and working policy: We operate from a central London office, but the company encourages both flexible hours and home working for up to an average of 2.5 days per week Who we are: A Collection of Curious minds · We passionately believe that understanding the world through a new lens has the power to positively transform our guests' perspectives.

There is only so much you can learn whilst reading a book or sitting at a screen.

To fully understand and remember all that’s great about history, culture and the natural world means truly immersing ourselves in it.

· guild of world-leading experts take time to build personal connections with our guests, to ensure that each experience we craft is as unique as the individual it is created for.

We immerse our guests in the worlds that they care most about so that they may be inspired to preserve and protect it for generations to come.

The power of osmosis is great, and there is no greater gift than knowledge What we do: Quest For Knowledge · We are a collection of curious minds, in constant pursuit of knowledge.

We travel to immerse and learn.

We create life experiences that are beyond the extraordinary and leave our guests changed forever.

We offer travel in its truest sense
- we take people to places they have never, ever been before, body and soul.

· The experiences we offer
- that begin from the moment you arrive at our properties and destinations
- are crafted with complete originality and ingenuity.

It is not a question of luxury, but complete singularity.

Of unprecedented adventure and unfathomable access so that our guests must never cease in their quest for a more meaningful understanding of the world.

Protect the places we share · While centred on creating life-changing travel experiences for our guests, our endeavour is an altruistic one.

We are passionately driven to protect the places and communities we are embedded in
- and the planet as a whole.

· The experiences we create engender an awe at the majesty of nature
- and instil in everyone who encounters it, an instinct to protect it.

Guests might arrive enthusiasts
- but they’ll leave ambassadors, galvanised to share with everyone the magic of what they’ve seen, and the imperative to safeguard it for future generations.

· The Luminaire Foundation’s embodies this belief.

Its aim is to protect the legacy and longevity of the places, people, and objects we explore, providing cultural stewardship for future generations across three core pillars: · Natural conservation · Cultural preservation · Education.

· Each of our experiences, led by celebrated experts, build on each location’s projects over time and simultaneously deepen guests’ understanding of risks to each location, and the need to protect it.