Volunteer Social Media Strategist

Being incredibly disturbed by the silence of the Indian diaspora in UK to the increasing number of gang rapes and the sheer brutality of them, gave birth to NaariSamatā, a charity working on rape prevention by teaching the youth about gender equality and respect for women. 

Total length of project: 28 hours over 2 months

NaariSamatā are looking for support from a social media strategist who can formalise their social media output in a manageable way for the organisations small, but dedicated, team. In particular, the organisation would like to build a campaign into the strategy as a centrepiece that can drive awareness and donations. With a fairly global audience, there is a need for those engaging to feel they are part of a movement, wherever they are.

We are looking for a volunteer with plenty of experience in social media and in creating strategies and social media campaigns.