Equalities Act 2010

2to3days is an online club for highly capable mothers who want to find and apply for their ideal job that they can do on a flexible basis whilst raising their children and therefore for companies who want to advertise these positions. Like all clubs, we need to comply with the Equalities Act 2010

To do this 2to3days is responsible for doing two things.

Firstly, that you meet our membership criteria so hence why we are asking you to complete these questions. The minimum criteria are that you have two ‘A’ levels or the equivalent plus a minimum of 5 years work experience and that you are a mother.

Secondly, we need from time to time to check that the information you have given us is correct. To comply with the later we will from time to time take a random sample of our database and either give you a call or email you. We will then need to keep a record of these responses.