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Running a great Returner programme

Advertising your programme with 2to3days is only the beginning… 

You also need to put in place the structure, training and coaching support to ensure your Returners have the best experience possible. This is why we’re proud to be collaborating with Inclusivity Partners, specialists in delivering returnship programmes

Their emphasis on structure, training, coaching and the education of line managers is second to none delivering exceptional stakeholder value. They have worked with numerous companies including Nomura, Virgin Money, Shell, and The Reignite Academy for Law.

“What stands Inclusivity apart is their commitment to fully preparing the candidates who came to our selection event. They delivered some memorable development and support sessions to both the candidates and their line managers which have been highly beneficial to their progress and enjoyment of the programme. I don’t believe we would have been able to deliver such a successful programme without Inclusivity’s support and we would not have accessed the incredible talent that is hidden in the returners market.”
Liz Liddle, Virgin Money

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Founder Stephanie Dillon says, “I get it- I am part of the conversation at the school gates! I spent over 15 years in corporate recruitment, before taking a 2 year career break when my children came along. I know that stepping back on the career ladder can be hard for women - and for the companies they’re going back to. That's why I founded Inclusivity Partners. Because it doesn’t have to be that way."

“Our team of experienced recruiters, coaches and trainers are here to help you deliver awesome return to work programmes that benefit your business and your team alike. Our passion and knowledge will ensure you avoid common pitfalls and make the transition back to work as smooth as possible.”

Stephanie Dillon from Inclusivity Partners

Stephanie Dillon, Founder, Inclusivity Partners   

Why work with Inclusivity?

  • We have the time - time you almost certainly don’t have - to dedicate to screening, interviewing and selecting your candidates 
  • We have the experience to successfully set up and run your insight and assessment day.
  • We have the team to train your line managers so that you avoid selecting candidates based on assumptions or bias and to coach your candidates from the start to the end of their programme.

We would love for you to get in touch so that we can discuss working with you to deliver a great returnship programme.