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We are here to shake things up and challenge the status quo. Our mission is to connect you directly and quickly with a highly desirable pool of talented women who want to pursue their career on a flexible basis, by working for you.

Flexible on recruitment, inflexible on quality

Working with us means getting your roles in front of exceptional women who have a proven track record, a drive to succeed and the experience to help take your business to the next level. Women who, up to now, have been very hard to find.

By advertising your flexible jobs with 2to3days we save you time and money on your recruitment process without compromising on the quality of candidates. For larger organisations we can help address the gender pay gap, plug your female talent pipeline and create an inspiring inclusive culture.

Whether you're looking to hire just one brilliant brain or an entire talented team, we have a number of different pricing options. We are a very friendly bunch at HQ so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to create a bespoke package.


Our community, or the 2to3days ‘hood’ as we affectionately call it, has a life force of its own. We’re a supportive community which puts the needs of women, companies and families at the heart of working life.

Increasingly, companies of all sizes are discovering the value and impact of bringing experienced and motivated women into their businesses, at all levels. Tapping into an otherwise hidden pool of female talent can bring huge uplift in productivity, innovation and teamwork.

Our women are united by our shared mission and a commitment to accelerate the pace of change. They apply for your roles, share them with their friends and family, and applaud your values of diversity, inclusion and a modern way of working.

The results are game-changing, with benefits seen in the office and the home, in the economy and in society. This is the hood and we’re turning the tide.


10+ years experience


have a masters


aged 35-44 years


have had a career break


of companies hire one of our candidates

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